You have seen a deck of cards before, haven’t you? Kings and Queens, ones and twos, yet they all play significant roles in the game. I’m not here for the Kings and Queens no. I’m here for the ones and twos. So if you’re a King or a Queen, this isn’t the free blog for you to read. Go find some elite page on what coffee is best or whatever it is you people read on.

If you’re still reading, you’re a one or a two or even a zero like me, first of all, welcome to the Panera. I stole the name from the Panera Bread franchise and didn’t even try to edit it.

Basically, I’m here for the  ups and downs, usually the downs. I’m here for the nobody because I myself am a nobody. I’m here for the broken-hearted. I’m here for the druggie. I’m here for the nympomaniac and everyone society put down. The point of this is so we can rise above the storm. To take the Kings and Queens by surprise. They shall come to our rising and we shall be greater than them. Once again, welcome to the Panera, my name is Ivy and I’m your baker.

2 thoughts on “The Panera

  1. I felt you have hub lot of losers stories you want to them out on their behalf. Well aim at being a winner and still be a ones and twos.

    Yours faithful,


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