intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.
synonyms : bias, discrimination, injustice etc.
We’re all bigoted idiots. All of us. Now you’re scowling at your phone wondering why you keep coming back here for me to insult you. I said I’d love you. I didn’t say it’d be easy for you. But let me explain.
   I’ll start with you, on top of the food chain, most holy Christian. You have Ten Commandments in your holy book. I assume you’ve lived a hundred percent righteous life, perfect in Gods eyes. But how have you treated your fellow Christians who have backslid? I see you, Deaconness, in your kaba  and slit, pointing fingers at Ama the chorister because she got pregnant before getting married. With all due respect, shame on you. The fact that she made a mistake does not make her any less of a Christian than you are. And you, sinner like me, shut up and sin in peace.
Mr Stoner, we know how amazing marijuana is  yes, but you don’t have to make it a requirement for being cool. Smoking or using weed or narcotics doesn’t make you cool. You do it for what ever reason and that’s okay. But don’t you even dare treat someone differently because they don’t use. And you the non user, I’m raising my middle finger up to you because you call me a “wee smoker” and instantaneously think I’m unproductive and lazy. Well I have news for you, Chinese Emperors  stoned and were very productive.
To the LGBTQ community. Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer. If you’re as open minded as you expect us to be, what’s with the straight people this, straight people that? Shut up already. And you the straights! Leave the LGBTQ community alone. You don’t choose your sexual orientation. They aren’t criminals. They’re people like you. Straight men, your gspot is in your anus work on finding it and straight women, have you ever kissed a woman? It’s honestly exhilarating.
I am done ranting. Now you’re looking at your phone in shame. Good. You got my message. Don’t change who you are my dears. But work to be open minded, accept and respect other people’s views. Live, learn, love, laugh and let’s make this earth less unbearable to live on.

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