Today’s post is sexual. All sex. You’re smiling, to your disappointment, well unless you’re a rapist or have strange fetishes this won’t get you off.

I just want you to think about sex. What IS sex? A consensual act between two human beings regardless of gender or age. Well of course, both parties have to be about the legal sex age. But did I even have to mention that?

So when sex happens without consent, it’s rape. But what if the raped enjoyed the rape? Is it rape or it’s sex?

Have you had sex but not really? Like in your mind you just wish the memory will go away, or you cut them off pretending it never happened.

Let me tell you a story.

Leila agreed to a hotbox session with Peter. The link up happened and came to an end quickly.She needs to go home. But he insists on driving to his apartment to pick an unnamed object. She has no choice but to follow him to his room. Splat! Splatter! Split! Splot! Roar! Crackle! It’s raining heavily, she’s stoned out of her mind and leans back to lay in the comfortable bed. She shivers under the plush duvet. Peter walks in and kisses her, you’re not going back to school you know? You can’t. She sighs, he’s right. Well he claims he loves her, he’d protect her. He gives her a shirt,a toothbrush and a towel and leaves. So far, so good. She eats, showers, and before long she was drifting away on the wave of Szas voice in the speakers. He got in behind her, she did nothing. He kissed her, she kissed him back. He told her he loves her. She didn’t believe him. It didn’t matter anyway, she wasn’t interested in him, and whether or not he told the truth made no difference to her. He moved over her “Peter no”

“Wait” he heaved on top of her, she wriggled and pushed weakly on his strong sexy chest. He used his knees to push her legs apart “Peter please, please” she’s breathing hard. She is honestly turned on, his huge erection pushing against her isn’t making matters any better. But she isn’t about to catch a casual body, she promised her self she’d wait for an actual commitment. All this time she’s thinking this, he’s undressed, still on top of her, she struggles she pushes against him “Peter please I can’t” “I don’t want to” “You’ll enjoy it” he breathes as he slides into her wetness. Her legs shake at the sweetness of the feel of him inside her. She closes her eyes. To accept it and enjoy it or to fight? No. She must be true to herself. “Peter please. Peter peter no no no no I don’t want this please Peter please please” her voice cracked. She sighed. She could feel herself come as she tightened around him. “Please Peter please stop” “please” he started to slowdown and he finally stopped and kissed her. He had poured his seed deep inside her. She got up, and went to shower.

So did Leila have sex or was she raped? She came you know?But does that take away from or add to the fact that she was penetrated without her consent? No matter how much she asked him to stop, now matter how much she didn’t want it, her body defied her.Basically, yes, she was raped. Whether or not she can take legal action against him, is a question for another person on another day.

I don’t intend saying anything in this post. I just wanted you think. Think about the number of boys parading up and down childishly they’ve had sex with girls they raped.

Think about the girls with memories like the one Leila has, the shame, the inner guilt.

Sex is a beautiful, don’t taint it. And sex without consent is rape, no matter how good. Be learned dears.

With love,Ivy.

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