What makes me me? One swoop of your eyes over me and I’m just an averagely tall girl, slightly overweight and with an extremely bloated midsection. But that’s who I am, who are you?

Who do you know yourself to be? Sometimes we create images of how we want to look in other people’s eyes. We build castles of lies to protect us from the hard and sometimes terrible truth. But most of the times we are so caught up in a lie we lose sight of reality.

Forget who we are, what we look like, where we are from. In my perspective, it’s the problems that drive us. It’s who we are that motivates us. And where we’re from is a beacon to where we are going from here.

Know who you are and embrace it. Accept the flaws and find ways around it. Tackle hurdles head on. Keep up a positive attitude, a friend once told me that life is but a beach sand filled swamp. And the earth is oblivious of our existence.

So why wait for the New Year to make resolutions? There’s nothing special about the earths journey around the sun. Instead take new steps today, show some love and work on yourself.

And if you loved that man you’d tell him. It’s either he loves you or he doesn’t. And eitherway you’re better off knowing.

And love isn’t that bad. Yes people are worse than the devil sometimes and break your heart. And it’s true that bad people deserve each other. What? Do I look like a therapist?

But that feeling of knowing how much love you’re capable off, be it to an annoying sibling, a parent, a child, a spouse, or a clueless idiot who doesn’t love you back.

It strengthens you. You get to tell yourself you’re a good person. You get to be proud of yourself for who you are, as simple as may be.

At the end of the day, go to bed, lay in your most comfortable spot and sleep. Knowing that life isn’t simple, or always what you make it, but life is short. And like a wise man once said, you should while you breathe, it’s quite hard to get things done without a beating heart. It’s me. I said it.

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