Love,money,sex and morals. These seem to be the three pillars people stand on in their decisions pertaining to relationships and the opposite sex. It’s often said that people know what they want with you within five minutes of meeting you. Obviously not long term. But the bottom line is, a smash or pass decision only takes five minutes.

In recent times however, relationships (and situationships, for the gamophobes) are entered into based on so many reasons. If you’ve ever heard a girl say, “he’s everything I want but he’s broke”. You probably wondered why she’d let money hold her back from the love of her life, after all, money can come along the way.

Like wise, a man I once loved pushed me away rather painfully because he “couldn’t afford a relationship” I hope you’re happy wherever, William.

One guy kept a girl around for the sex. He has a girlfriend he loves. And her, She was in for the hotel nights and luxury cars he let her use. If you’re judging her, first of all, fuck you, get off my blog. And secondly, don’t act shameless like you didn’t just scratch your ass and sniff it.

Some girl I know doesn’t date. Devout Christian, saving it for marriage and that. So zero sex, zero money aside work income and her parents, and I must say, keep it up,Honey. You inspire us.

Love though. I get really confused these days, “Love wins” “Love is beautiful”. “Fuck love get money” “Love is a waste of time”. First of all, make up your minds. I’m a hopeless romantic. Playlist for a late night beach date type of girl. But I mostly end up with men who don’t care much about me, so, jokes on me I guess.

But to the real issue. At a certain point, a life changing decision boils down to a single action or inaction in a split second.

Deciding whether or not to keep a baby for example. Big choice. Completely life altering. Or saying yes or no to a marriage proposal. Or if that’s too far fetched, a relationship proposal. (Yes ask her, we’ve been talking 5 months doesn’t make me your girlfriend).

Love money sex and morals inform these decisions in a very surprisingly great way. For instance, we love each other, you’re rich, and I’m pregnant. We’re more likely to keep it. Why? Because I may still laugh at the fact that my battery is 69% and still think the word Uranus is funny. (Haha, Ur anus). But we have money and we have love and not as much morals so *insert preggo emoji*. Would be different for a couple who had love and didn’t have money. And a couple with love and money and as many morals wouldn’t even be pregnant in the first place because abstinence. And a couple with no love and plenty money and no morals would make a difference choice from one with no love and no money. (Y’all shoulda use condoms cause y’all can’t even afford abortions. That’s how people die dumdums).

What I’m trying to say is, in my opinion. I SAID IN MY OPINION. Dont spite me. There’s a formula to this thing. Love and money are interchangeable, sex and morals are have a negative relationship. Money and sex have a positive relationship and a presence of love and money with a sprinkle of good sex or strong morals, depending on who you are, make the best and happiest relationship.

It’s hilarious though, because me, with my formulas and big words have neither. So, I’m going to eat beans with my big stomach and watch television. Be good, stay safe, and if anyone tries to rape you, laugh and say you have AIDS. If it backfires, you didn’t get the advice here.

I love you. Yes. You.

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